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Sep 20, 2022


This weeks podcast guest is Gareth Timmins, Former Royal Marines Commando & Best selling author of Becoming the 0.1%



1.How to build an Elite Mindset?

2.Consistency Vs Motivation

3.How Integrity can support you Career Development


This is a must listen if you want to learn to discover how to elevate your...

Sep 13, 2022

This week's podcast guest is Çiğdem Türkân, Academy Auditor at The Premier League.



1. How Mindfulness can support your Career Development in the Football Industry?

2. Why your work ethic matters working in the sports industry.

3. How to pursue a career in the football industry after University.



Sep 6, 2022

300: Diaa Salah- How to be resilient when starting a career in the Sports Industry?


This week's podcast guest is Diaa Salah Sports Director Assiut Cement FC & Sports Management Instructor at  FIFA/CIES



1. How to make effective sports career choices.

2. How to be resilient when starting a career in sports.