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Feb 27, 2024

This week's podcast guest is Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud, the FIFPRO Senior Legal Counsel.


You will learn:

1.How can culture make you a better Sports Lawyer?

2. How to develop your communication skills as a Lawyer

3. How to start a career in Sports Law

4. Why trust is key working with Professional Footballers


Feb 20, 2024

This week's podcast guest is Ashleigh Plumptre a Professional Footballer for Al-Ittihad and the Nigiria Super Falcons


You will learn:

1. How to be Authentic in the Football Industry?

2. How to be a leader in Football & Business

3. How to create your definition of Success

4. The Professional Footballer...

Feb 13, 2024

This week's podcast guest is Jori Davis, Professional Basketball Player and Founder of WEVOLV


1. Supporting Athlete Transitions with WEVOLV 

2. Redefining Success for Athletes Beyond the Arena

3. How Culture Builds Stronger Athletes


This is a must listen if you want to learn how to work and support elite...

Feb 6, 2024

356: Kelly Simmons OBE- The Future of Women’s Football?

This weeks podcast guest is Kelly Simmons OBE, Former FA Director of the Women’s Professional Game & Founder Kelly Simmons Sports Consultancy Ltd



1.The Future of Women’s Football?

2. Learn Kelly’s 32 Years of Experience at The FA

3. How to develop...

Jan 30, 2024

This weeks podcast guest is Nancy Hensley, the Head of Innovation and Founding Member at Mercury 13


You will learn:

1. How can Data Drive Investment in Women’s Football?

2. How brands can benefit from investing in Women’s Football?

3. How can leadership drive change in Women’s Football?


This is a must-listen...